Trigun Gung-Ho Guns (Vol. 4)

: Trigun Gung-Ho Guns (Vol. 4) [VHS]: Trigun: Movies & TV. : Trigun Vol. 4 - Gung-Ho Guns: Masaya Onosaka, Hiromi Tsuru, Satsuki Yukino, Johnny Yong Bosch, Dean Wein, Dorothy Elias-Fahn, Lia Sargent.

The Gung-Ho-Guns (ガンホーガンズ, Ganhōganzu) are a group of assassins assembled by Millions Knives and led by Legato Bluesummers to cause great pain. Bottom of the Dark Volume Number 4 Released in Japan September 1, There are more Gung Ho Guns where those other oddballs came from, and you. The Trigun anime and manga series features an extensive cast of characters created by In Volume 12 of the Trigun Maximum manga, it is revealed in a flashback that it was severed by Knives in retaliation for Vash shooting him in the . He slowly regenerates over a period, and forms the Gung-Ho-Guns to act for him.

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